I like to keep things simple for both of us.
It’s your job to marry the one you’ve fallen in love with and it’s my job to capture every moment of that day.
You’ve taken days, months and maybe even years out of your already busy life to plan for your beautiful wedding day.
My mission is to serve you by creatively capturing photos that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime!
It gives me an amazing amount of joy to think about the photos I provide you with being passed on for generations!



I simply love engagement sessions!
This is why I consider them “Complimentary” in the cost of your wedding.
Couples often try to deduct this cost from the total because they can find someone to do it for free… it’s not worth it.
This is the best way for us to get to know each other and for you to become comfortable in front of my camera before the Big Day.
If you have significant spots that are special to you, such as where he dropped down on one knee to propose, that’s fantastic!
I have locations that I enjoy using but I enjoy the adventure so much more in making it unique for each couple.
I try to advise couples to limit their outfits down to 2-3 because at times it can be difficult to change on location.
We will spend a solid 2 hours exploring different locations and fun poses.


This is it, the day you’ve been anticipating for a very long time! At this point you’ve probably even dreamed about it!
Like I stated above, my mission is to serve you by creatively capturing photos that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime!
I like to start off by providing my future clients with this rough itinerary on how I like to shoot and how I’ve found a typical day is scheduled.

Please don’t let this rough timeline scare you. I understand that every couple’s day is unique and special.
This is to simply be used to help guide your decisions on how much time should be devoted to segments of your wedding day!

An Example of a Wedding Day Timeline


Take some time to look through my ENGAGEMENT and WEDDING galleries
and please contact me if you’re interested in booking a date or still have any questions.
You can easily leave that little message from my “CONTACT” tab.

Thanks for your time and consideration!
Have fun planning! Enjoy every moment of it and do not worry!
It will all come together and if one small detail isn’t perfect, remember that at the end of the day…
the most important detail is that you’re still going to be married to the one you love!