AUSTRIA – 2008

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I can’t wait to go back and climb through the Alps with my wife and two kids.  This easily takes the position as one of my all time favorite adventures.  I spent roughly 3 weeks of traveling around Austria and a little bit of Germany with my college buddy Ben.  A couple of these photos were actually taken by him too.  He grew up overseas while his parents were missionaries.  He was a lifesaver multiple times considering he was still able to speak German.  I will never forget some of the most breathtaking views.  Not simply because you had to climb a mountain to see them but because they left you with a sense of awe that you feel only a handful of times in your life.

I still get goosebumps when I look through some of these photos.  For example, after a short while of gaining trust with those horses, the youngest horse came right up to me to nibble on my pants after I snuck closer down the hill.  That was certainly one of those moments where you have to put your camera down to soak up every second of the gift that God has given you.  At the opposite end of the emotional spectrum was seeing the history in the cities during every step you take.  You can only begin to imagine stories you’ve learned about of the wars that were had in those areas.

In hopes of seeing you again soon Alps.

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