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This one is a pretty simple story.  My wife and I learned to love the art and sport of climbing rocks while going to the University of Northern Iowa.  We went on a couple of adventures with our Outdoors club and we fell in love.  The challenges.  The friendships.  The views.  They were unbeatable… except for the challenges I guess.  We got to the top of our routes!

I don’t have very many shots of this but one of my favorite parts about shooting while climbing is the rush of adrenaline you get from bending over backwards while trusting your rope to capture a shot of someone else climbing up towards you.  The motivation and encouragement one receives while taking these walls on is unlike many other moments.  You climb the wall together.  You help solve each other’s problems.  If you can’t do it, someone else will take it on for you and you actually feel good when they complete it.

Conquer your fears.  Get out there.

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