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If anybody ever invites you on a road trip to California, take it. Can I go on this trip again? San Diego is such a beautiful destination and there are so many worthy sites to be seen along the way. I’m so unbelievably grateful for the friends that I was able to share this adventure with.

We packed our little Ford Taurus to the brim with 6 grown adults and all of our gear. We then drove to Kansas City so we could transition into a 15 passenger van. The fact that we were then able to sprawl out each getting our own row was a dream! We hit the road for the long haul and stopped in the glorious Rockies of Colorado, shot some craps in Vegas and finally reached the shores of San Diego. Those overnight driving shifts can be brutal! I remember playing a geography trivia game with my now wife in the front seat to keep my mind active and awake. Great strategy by the way.

We met up with some friends and stayed in their adorable little Cali bungalow. It was a tight squeeze but provided for some great fellowship. We were able to enjoy the San Diego Zoo, my first and only experience surfing, a date night with my wife into downtown San Diego, a hike into Cedar Creek Falls and many more unforgettable memories. We need to go back.

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